Electric car charging stations on the rise in New Zealand




Kiwis driving electric cars are more confidently going on longer cruises because of a roll out of easy to find charging stations, the Transport Agency says.

It said New Zealand now had about 6,500 electric vehicles around the country.

A prototype video from Tesla shows an arm which finds its own way into the charging port of an electric vehicle.

Source: 1 NEWS

There were 91 charging stations on our state highways as of the end of January, the NZTA said in a statement. 

"Prominent signage along our state highways shows everyday Kiwis and visitors to New Zealand that driving, and charging, an electric vehicle is as easy and convenient as any conventional vehicle," the agency's Harry Wilson said.

It's also better for the environment.

Driving an electric car created 80 per cent fewer carbon emissions than a petrol or diesel car because of New Zealand's large supply of renewable electricity, he said.

"Supporting the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand and encouraging people to make the switch to electric is crucial to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our transport sector," he said.

It comes as there were 91 rapid charging stations along New Zealand's state highways as of January.

The transport agency hopes to eventually have the stations located every 75kms along major routes, with these rapid charging stations - using direct current or DC - to be supplemented by slower-charging alternating current (AC) stations.

"There is also an ever increasing number of public charging stations popping up around New Zealand - at shopping malls, airports, supermarkets and even some petrol stations," Mr Wilson said.

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