Election flashback: 'Too much mudslinging?' - Amazing look at NZ's first TV election coverage




It was the first time ever New Zealanders were provided with a glimpse of TV election coverage, as the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation produced two election specials in 1966.


The black and white version shows a sneak peek into Kiwi life over 50 years ago, showing it’s not all that different.
Source: 1 NEWS

The black and white set up saw the host greet watchers to the "1966 election telecast evening". 

"We'll just see what the man in the street has to say, or the woman for that matter," he says. 

A reporter took to the streets asking, "Do you think there's been too much mud-slinging this election?"

A woman answers, "I don't think as much as other years, particularly as last time which I thought was a bit off."

The coverage goes to a man working underneath a car, with the reporter asking if he is going to vote in the 1966 election. 

The on-screen election graphics involve a physical map of the islands, with an off-screen pointer to show electorate results. 

The National Party, led by Keith Holyoake, retained government for a second term in 1966, winning the election closely by 43.6 per cent, compared to Labour's 41.4 per cent. 

National kept power until 1972, when Norman Kirk and the Labour Party won the election. 

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