Election 2020: Tight race expected in Wellington’s Ōhāriu

The Ōhāriu electorate in Wellington is shaping up to be an interesting race, with several MPs’ careers on the line.

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The first day of election campaigning kicked off today across the nation. Source: 1 NEWS

It looks to be a close race between National MP Brett Hudson and Labour’s Greg O’Connor.

Only 1000 votes separated the pair at the last election.

“I'm the best voice that they will get here and I'm going to be asking them to vote for me,” Mr O’Connor told 1 NEWS.

“I'm very confident that I can present the credible alternative to the people of Ōhāriu,” Mr Hudson said.

Strategic voting saw Mr O'Connor remove himself from Labour's party list - essentially telling voters for him it's all or nothing.

With National’s current polling, Mr Hudson’s political life is also on the line.

Minor parties also hope the seat could be a doorway into Parliament.

The Opportunities Party (TOP)’s Jessica Hammond is running for the second time in Ōhāriu, where she came third in 2017.

“The people of Ōhāriu don’t have to choose the same old, same old; I would be honoured to represent my community in Parliament.” 

Ōhāriu is a wealthy electorate boasting the highest average income in the country.

The race is now on for those hoping to serve as its MP.