Eighteen people injured following chlorine spill at Thames school

Eighteen people have been treated for minor injuries following a chlorine spill in Thames this afternoon.

Five fire trucks were called to Pārāwai School's pool area at around 2.50pm, a Fire and Emergency spokesperson told 1 NEWS.

The spill did not occur within the pool itself, Pārāwai School confirmed on Facebook. 

The cause for the chemical spill is currently unknown but the school has been cordoned off.

Eighteen people were at the school at the time of the incident but no one was evacuated, St John said.

"All children and staff who were in the vicinity at the time were medically checked, cleared and sent home by ambulance staff," the school said.

One staff member drove themselves to the nearest hospital for medical attention as a precaution.

The school will reopen tomorrow as normal, Pārāwai School said.

Source: 1 NEWS