Effects of Covid-19 linger on for Kiwi 20 weeks after diagnosis

While the milestone of 100 days since the last case of Covid-19 community transmission is cause for celebration, there are renewed warnings too, including from a woman yet to recover months on.

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While it's cause for celebration, there are renewed warnings too including from a woman yet to recover months after becoming ill. Source: 1 NEWS

The latest search for any community spread has showed up nothing, with those at the frontline saying the milestone means New Zealanders can be confident in the systems in place.

Alice Banfield is someone who knows the virus better than most. Twenty weeks ago, she was diagnosed with Covid-19 but is still suffering the effects of it.

“Before I got Covid earlier this year, I was working out like five or six days a week, you know going to the gym,” she said.

That was months ago, and even 29 days after testing positive for the virus she was battling to get back to normal.

“I have to plan what day I'm going to do my laundry, because that will be like my one big energy-consuming task, I will be hanging out my laundry for the day,” she said.

As each week went by, she thought she'd get better but she's had to stop studying, stop her job and stop her love of learning te reo.

Ms Banfield came back to New Zealand early as airports shut and likely caught the virus on the way.

“I still haven't left the house to go and see any of my friends since lockdown, so yeah, it's almost like lockdown has continued for me.”

It's that lockdown that's credited with getting the country to where it is today.

Epidemiologist Michael Baker told 1 NEWS the 100-day marker since community transmission of Covid-19 is a “huge tribute to all New Zealanders”.

“We have a great deal to be thankful about but to maintain this position going ahead to we have to think really the next six months, possibly two years,” Mr Baker said.

Ms Banfield’s warning to Kiwis is not to underestimate the virus.

“I underestimated it, I thought, 'Oh I'm 32-years-old, I'm you know - fairly fit and healthy.'”