Eerie Starlink satellite string passing over New Zealand tonight

An eerie string of lights is set to pass over New Zealand tonight, but it's not aliens.

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The spectacle prompted speculation of UFOs when passing over the North Island yesterday. Source: 1 NEWS

The collection of satellites by SpaceX's Starlink will be visible over various parts of the country for a few hours after the sun sets.

The best spot to view the light crossing is from a high vantage point with a clear view of the sky – and away from other light sources.

In Auckland, they'll be visible for various passovers from around 8.40pm, and at their brightest at around 9.39pm, according to monitoring site Heavens Above.

Wellington will also start to see it from 8.43pm, with its brightest expected to be around 9.15pm.

Meanwhile in Christchurch, it'll be visible from 9pm and at its brightest around 9.11pm onwards.

In each area, it's expected the lights will be gone from view by 11pm.

Keep an eye out in the southern part of the sky to see the string of satellites.

For Auckland, the path begins beneath the Southern Cross constellation earlier in the night and above it as the night draws on and the Earth continues to spin.

Wellington and Christchurch will both be able to see it above the Southern Cross.

If you miss out tonight, they'll also be visible at around the same time tomorrow.

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