E-scooters left dumped on streets pose a risk to visually impaired people

There are renewed calls from visually impaired Kiwis for e-scooter riders to stop dumping scooters all over the footpath, less than a week after Auckland Council renewed e-scooter licenses in the city.

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Mary Schnackenberg of Blind Services Auckland shared her concerns on TVNZ 1’s Breakfast. Source: Breakfast

Mary Schnackenberg of Blind Services Auckland told TVNZ 1’s Breakfast riders need to be more thoughtful about where they are leaving the scooters once they’ve finished their ride.

“Of course it’s going to be blind people who will meet them because we can’t see them.

“If you don’t actually quickly notice the e-scooter is there you could accidentally trip over the thing,” Ms Schnakenberg said.

She said e-scooters travel too fast to be on a footpath full stop.

“The NZ government and politicians and officials have to figure out where we can safely go.

“It’s not just blind people they affect, there are people pushing prams, wheelchair users, people who might be unsteady on their feet,” she said.

This comes after e-scooter licenses were renewed in Auckland for those operating rentals in the city, allowing them to continue on their current licenses.

Just last week a person went to Auckland Hospital with critical injuries from falling off a Lime electric scooter in Parnell.

“We need to think thoughtfully about each other and I’m not going to recommend where the e-scooter should go but please keep me safe, keep us all safe on those footpaths,” said Ms Schnakenberg.