Dunedin man travels halfway across the globe to reclaim steepest street title for New Zealand

A New Zealand surveyor has travelled halfway across the world to unofficially reclaim a Guinness World Record title which belonged to Dunedin for 30 years.

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Earlier this year, Baldwin Street lost its Guinness World Record status to a road in Wales. Source: 1 NEWS

Toby Stoff questioned the methodology used when Harlech, a seaside town based north of Wales dethroned Dunedin’s Baldwin Street and was officially crowned the world's steepest in July of this year.

Mr Stoff had his trip to Wales crowdfunded and got the survey equipment on loan to remeasure the street and put his city back in the history books.

The Welsh street’s steepest point was measured at over 37 per cent while Baldwin was 35. A bend in the road is the area of contention for Mr Stoff.

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That’s according to Dunedin surveyor Toby Stoff. Source: Seven Sharp

“What I would do to the people in Harlech is say, ‘Hey listen, you might have been sold a lemon’,” he said.

”All that bump there would have to do would drop down 200 mil and then all we do is grade it up evenly sort of just past the pole there and I’d say they'd be toast."

In a statement to 1 NEWS, Guinness World Records said it was aware of an appeal and it is taking it seriously when it receives and reviews materials in due course.

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A town in Wales claims it has the true title holder, and Guinness World Records is about to weigh in. Source: Seven Sharp

The locals of Harlech have been welcoming of the Kiwi but say rules are rules and those in Dunedin need to let go.

But Toby's not going to let it go. He said his mission was a success and today's measurements confirm Baldwin Street is still the world's steepest street.