Dunedin Hospital worker overwhelmed with $10,000 award to help Malawi nursery school kids

Children at a nursery school in Malawi are in store for the surprise of a playground being added to their centre after a young Kiwi volunteer was surprised with a $10,000 boost to her fundraising.

Dunedin Hospital worker Devon Kilkelly was so shocked and excited to win the ASB Good and Gold Award on Seven Sharp last night, she reckoned "someone needs to check my heart rate".

When most people have a gap year after finishing school it's to take a break from study and probably do their OE.

But not Devon. She headed off to Africa to transform the lives of kids at a nursery school in the small village of Ngara in Malawi.

Devon said her group did up the run down nursery building, relaying the concrete floor, painting and installing toilets, and got toys for the children.

They also managed to raise enough money to feed the 90 kids porridge every morning.

Three years on Devon, now back home, still works tirelessly to help those same kids.

She said every year she and her fundraising partner in England try to raise $2000 and her dream is to one day build a playground for the children.

"ASB want to help you out. How much difference would $10,000 make?" reporter Sam Wallace asked Devon as he surprised her at work at Dunedin Hospital.

"You're kidding," Devon said, burying her face in her hands.

"That would be massive. I mean it's eight cents a bowl of porridge for children. And then with that sort of money, they could have a chance of getting a playground. I think someone needs to check my heart rate," the overwhelmed recipient said. 

"With the 10,000 I'm going to buy a playground. I mean that's something we could never do without this money," Devon said, thanking ASB for their help.

If you want to help Devon continue her work at the Ngara nursery head to Seven Sharp's Facebook page to find out how.

Three year on, she is still working tirelessly to help those same youngsters. Source: Seven Sharp