Dunedin farmer protest gets heated as woman has sign ripped from her hands

Things got heated today in Dunedin as farmers hit the streets in protest against a raft of Government environmental policies.

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The woman was making her voice heard amongst a group of farmers protesting environmental rules. Source: 1 NEWS

Similar action is taking place in about 55 towns and cities across the country. 

Protesting farmers on tractors flood Auckland's Queen Street

A woman standing in the middle of the street, holding a sign with "No farming on a dead planet" written in red over Howl of Protest material, had her sign ripped from her hands by a man.

Moments before this, another woman holding a "support NZ growers" sign had moved in front of her. 

Environmental protestor at Dunedin's 'Howl of a Protest'. Source: 1 NEWS

"I thought the point of today was to not look like rednecks?" the now empty-handed woman told the people lining the street in support of the farmers.

"Thank you for assaulting me and wrecking my sign," she said, addressing the man who had ripped it from her, who had already disappeared down the street and into the crowd.

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Her words were met by "they did not assault you" by one man holding a "support our farmers" sign.

The woman then walked off.