Dunedin auction house offering up large array of taxidermy animals

A Dunedin auction house is offering up a treasure trove of 90 taxidermy animals to collectors.

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If you ever wanted to own a polar bear this could be your chance. Source: Seven Sharp

If you ever wanted to own a polar bear, a lion, or a giraffe this could be your chance.

Proctor Auctions' Ronnie Proctor says the pieces come from Queenstown, Invercargill, and Oamaru collections.

"There are people out there looking for quirky items as well as collectors," Proctor told Seven Sharp.

However, some of the pieces don't come cheap.

"Your looking at tens of thousands," Proctor said when asked how much the larger pieces could go for.

He says the pieces can be good educational pieces for young kids and explained why some endangered species are in the collection.

"These were shot 40, 50 some even 60 years ago when it was the normal past-time for people to go out and do that.

"I would not condone going out and getting new ones," Proctor said.

The auction is due to take place at Proctor Auctions on Sunday, June 27.