Dunedin Airport installs body scanners for domestic travellers

Passengers travelling from Dunedin Airport are among the first in New Zealand to be protected by advanced new passenger screening technology.

Dunedin Airport's new screening equipment Source: Supplied

From today, passengers travelling on jet aircraft from Dunedin will be screened through new, state-of-the-art equipment, including Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scanners - more commonly known as body scanners.

This technology was first installed at Auckland Airport’s international terminal in June, but both domestic and international passengers on jet flights from Dunedin will be the first travelling within New Zealand to go through this modern security screening.

Aviation Security Service group operations manager Karen Urwin says the new technology will help ensure New Zealanders are safe when they fly.

"These scanners are tried and tested at airports around the world, are safe for passengers, and only display a generic outline of a person, meaning there are no privacy concerns arising from their use.

The introduction of AIT body scanners and upgrade of Dunedin Airport’s screening point is part of a $13.5 million screening and modernisation project, which will introduce AIT scanners and upgraded passenger screening lanes at all of New Zealand’s international airports by June 2020.

The project is in turn part of a broader $100 million programme to overhaul New Zealand’s aviation security infrastructure over the next few years.