Drunk shoulder-barges ambulance at Dunedin street party

A drunk man shoulder-barged the windscreen of a St Johns ambulance during the Hyde Street student party in Dunedin, covering a woman paramedic with shattered glass fragments.

The Hyde Street student party hasn't been without incident despite new management. Source: 1 NEWS

Police say the man damaged three vehicles including the ambulance driven by a sole female paramedic, causing her to be covered in glass fragments.

They're asking for any witnesses to the incident on Albany Street around 4pm to come forward. 

"This is yet another example of the harm alcohol causes and the poor decision making of those under the influence," says Inspector Mel Aitken, the officer in charge.

Police arrested a dozen people for a variety of offences including assault on security staff, fighting, disorder and offensive behaviour.

Police say the Hyde Street party is far from what they deem a safe event following a spate of incidents involving the excessive consumption of alcohol.

"Despite the best efforts of organising staff to create an enjoyable occasion for students, the level of alcohol related harm and the risk to public safety still remains too high" Inspector Aitken says.

The Hyde Street party has become a major event in the social calendar for many of Dunedin's 'scarfie' population.

Otago University Students Association took over running the annual part three years ago after unruly scenes in 2012 embarrassed the university.

The student association has created a set of rules to adhere to, and turned the event into a private party to try to minimise any problems.

"So we co-ordinate all the stakeholders, including all the police and the Dunedin City Council to ensure that it's a safe as well as enjoyable time," Paul Hunt, OUSA president said.

Inspector Mel Aitken is confident the event can be improved in future.

"The excellent relationship with stakeholders should enable continued improvements to redesign this event in a way that makes it a safe and enjoyable social occasion for all students."