Dramatic map shows effects of sea level rise on NZ cities - is your town at risk?

Data collected for a new National Geographic documentary shows many areas of coastal New Zealand could be swamped by global-warming induced sea-level rise.

1 NEWS used Google Earth data to generate a simulation of which areas would be affected by a three metre sea level rise – the areas shown are approximate. Source: 1 NEWS

The interactive map has been released with the Leonardo Di Caprio-produced documentary Before The Flood.

It allows users to select areas on the planet and see the effects of global warming and sea-level rises.

Impact of sea level rise on Dunedin Source:

The map suggests parts of Christchurch, Napier, Dunedin, Wellington, Timaru, Gisborne, Whangarei, Nelson, Whanganui and Invercargil are at risk.

The hills near many parts of Auckland's coast protects much of the city.

In 2015 1 NEWS NOW reporter Luke Appleby did a simulation showing the effects of a three-metre sea level rise on Auckland, which showed many of Auckland's bays, the ports and CBD flooded.

This simulation shows which parts of Auckland would be underwater at high tide if the sea were to rise by three metres. Source: 1 NEWS

It was based on research by Professor James Hansen of Columbia University and 16 other climate scientists, who said the three-metre rise could be a reality by the end of the century.