Dr Lance O'Sullivan admits own lockdown breach, after scorning others for breaking lockdown

Dr Lance O'Sullivan has spent the lockdown advocating for Northland residents and admonishing those who are breaking the rules, but has now admitted his own lockdown breach.

In a Facebook Live video today, the former New Zealander of the Year called himself a "silly bugger".

"I did the big shout-out about the main street Kaitaia people going and buying a pie and a Coke, and was critical of that, and was critical of that and saying how people should be staying at home," he says.

During the weekend, Dr O'Sullivan says he took a kayak out to a local beach for a quick trip.

All water activities, including kayaking, are explicitly banned under the Level 4 restrictions - rules that've been in place for four weeks.

He made the admission after he says a reporter contacted him with allegations of the breach.

"I shouldn't have done that. What a silly bugger, eh?" Dr O'Sullivan says.

"I have a thing with my kids, do as I say not as I do. I'm a d**k and I won't do that again. I put this out there, I raised this issue on Facebook, it's important that I acknowledge my shortcoming on Facebook too."

In previous live videos on his public Facebook page, Dr O'Sullivan has admonished the Government's response to the Covid-19 outbreak and a perceived lack of testing.

Twenty-seven of the country's 1451 cases are in Northland.