Dozens of NZ's diplomatic staffers have contracted Covid-19 since pandemic began

Numbers released exclusively to 1 NEWS reveal how many of New Zealand's diplomatic staff, serving overseas, have tested positive for Covid-19.

Source: 1 NEWS

Since the start of the pandemic, 56 people working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have contracted the virus.

Eight of those are currently classed as "active cases".

Seven are at the High Commission compound in India, and the eighth is at another post in another continent.

An MFAT spokesperson said there are several provisions in place to protect the more than 1100 staff working for the ministry.

"All outbound New Zealand staff are vaccinated against Covid, and posted staff can choose to return to New Zealand."

"Other provisions include the ability to reduce numbers of staff in the office (including going to full lockdown), pre-posting health assessments to ensure staff vulnerable to Covid are not posted to high risk locations, supplying posts with PPE equipment, and access to health advice and case management by international healthcare service providers."

According to Australian broadcaster the ABC, 132 Australians at overseas posts have contracted the virus since the onset of the pandemic.