Dotcom promises residency 'bombshell'

Kim Dotcom has told ONE News he will produce an affidavit tomorrow, as part of his "moment of truth", proving there was political pressure to grant his residency in 2010.

The mogul says he has proof his residency application was only granted to trap him in New Zealand. Source: 1 NEWS

Dotcom claims US authorities put pressure on the New Zealand Government to grant him residency so that he could be more easily extradited to the US over copyright charges.

The Immigration Minister at the time, Jonathan Coleman, denies the accusation, as does current Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse.

Mr Coleman says immigration officials at the time made him aware the FBI did have an interest in Dotcom, but says he was never told a full investigation was looming.

"If there had been the indication that there was an ongoing FBI or police investigation, or indeed if one was pending, any reasonable minister would have said, 'Look, you guys need to think about this', but we were left with the clear impression that there was nothing to worry about in this case," says Mr Coleman.

Prime Minister John Key backs that up.

"Post him being in New Zealand there has been people in Hollywood that have raised the piracy issue with me but I did not have discussion with them about Kim Dotcom prior to that point," said Mr Key.

Dotcom has hired international lawyer Robert Amsterdam to fight the copyright charges, who rejects claims it's a conspiracy.

"When you look at the facts and you look at the timing and you realise that they took down Kim 48-hours later, you start to see incredible connections about how New Zealand allowed its process to be instrumentalised."