Dotcom police raids compared to Tuhoe raids

Mana candidate Georgina Beyer has compared the police raids on Kim Dotcom's Coatesville mansion to the Tuhoe raids, saying they suffered similar injustices.

Former MP Georgina Beyer. Source: 1 NEWS

The former Labour MP came back to her old workplace today alongside Mana leader Hone Harawira.

She's standing in Te Tai Tonga for the party, but insists that unlike Internet Party candidates she's not being paid to campaign.

"I'm angry frankly. I've not had a good time since I left Parliament, I'm a beneficiary and I've been at the coalface of Paula Bennett's welfare reforms," she told reporters.

She said that she lost her job at a jewellery chain store in 2010 when she announced she wanted to stand for the Masterton mayoralty and hadn't been able to get a job since.

She was a Labour MP for seven and a half years and describes the Foreshore and Seabed Act as a "shocking piece of legislation" and she hoped to now make amends to Maori for it.

Asked how Mr Dotcom could relate to the people she hoped to represent she said: "the man suffered some injustices just like those in the Tuhoe raids suffered injustices and he's yet to have those remedied".

Mr Harawira described Ms Beyer as a "fighter" and "it's a real honour to have her in the Mana fold."

Meanwhile, Mr Harawira isn't concerned about New Zealand First leader Winston Peters announcement that he would not work in government with either the Mana or Maori parties.

"I suggest Winston should have a look at our list In fact we have more non-Maori candidates on it than we do Maori candidates, and I think that race card that's being tossed around by people like Winston, the Conservatives and ACT suggests they are trying to scare people and drum up votes for them, than the reality," the Tai Tokerau MP said.