'I don't trust them' – Simon Bridges slams Government as culprit for high fuel prices

National Leader Simon Bridges continued his campaign today to place blame on on the Government for high petrol prices, slamming Jacinda Ardern and her allies for "mucking us around".

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It comes after a Commerce Commission report said Kiwis were being ripped off by a lack of competition in the industry. Source: Breakfast

It comes one day after a Commerce Commission report confirmed New Zealanders are being overcharged at the pump due to lack of competition in the industry.

Mr Bridges agreed there needed to be more competition, but stands by his comments yesterday that the Prime Minister is "the fleecer-in-chief" when it comes to the high prices.

Mr Bridges told TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning that between the last election and next year's election, prices will have gone up 24 cents per litre.

When quizzed by Breakfast host John Campbell on those figures, Mr Bridges said his breakdown included the regional fuel tax and a legislated increase of 3.5 to 4 cents, which is yet to be implemented.

"The reality of that regional fuel tax is that it's smeared all across the country," he said, adding that the 1.5 million Kiwis in Auckland were also affected by 20 cents more in petrol taxes than the rest of the nation.

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A report was released today indicating New Zealanders pay too much for fuel. Source: 1 NEWS

"The nasty petrol companies that Jacinda Ardern says are fleecing us, look that's all well and good and we should have more competition, but their share of or slice of this has gone up - wait for it - 0.1 cents."

Mr Bridges said getting rid of the regional fuel tax would be "much more powerful for consumers than any pro-competitive measures the Government can come up with".

"All they're doing is tinkering and talking and waiting for another report ... They're mucking us around and I don't trust them."

He said what was worse was that despite the increases in tax, the Government hadn't spent the new money on new roads or public transport projects.

"It is literally accumulating in a bank somewhere, not getting much interest at the moment admittedly, and they're not spending it.

"I don't trust this Government because they've screwed the scum on electoral matters since day one."

When asked what he'd do differently, he said he'd get rid of regional fuel tax right away, but added he didn't want to expose his "secrets and strategies" on the policies he's taking to the election.

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It says discounts make it harder for people to compare actual prices between fuel retailers. Source: 1 NEWS