Don Brash 'utterly sick' of use of Te Reo Maori by reporters

Don Brash has lashed out against RNZ reporters for their use of Te Reo Maori on air. 

Don Brash lashes out in a statement about reporters use of Teo Reo on RNZ. Source: Facebook / Don Brash

In a statement posted to Facebook on Friday, Mr Brash said he is "utterly sick" of people speaking one of New Zealand's official languages in "what are primarily English-language broadcasts." 

Don Brash. Source: Breakfast

Mr Brash said in the statement Morning Report host Guyon Espiner is the "worst offender." 

"Not one listener in hundreds has any knowledge of what he is talking about." 

"It's 'virtue-signalling' at its worst!" he wrote. 

Mr Brash was responding to a column in the Otago Daily Times in which the writer expressed his distaste towards those promoting Maori Language Week. 

In the past Mr Espiner has been vocal about outing those who disagree with his use of Te Reo.