Domino's offering free pizzas to senior citizens during coronavirus self-isolation

As a nationwide shutdown looms due to the coronavirus pandemic, Domino's is offering free pizzas to senior citizens as they self-isolate at home.

The move has been slammed by a union however.

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New Zealanders nationwide will effectively have to stay at home from 11.59pm on Wednesday when the Covid-19 level four restrictions officially kick in.

As of today, any senior citizen, over 70, that lives within a Domino’s delivery territory will be eligible for a meal delivered to their home for free.

“Domino’s recognises that our older citizens are some of the most vulnerable in our society," says NZ General Manager Cameron Toomey.

“After the Government’s announcement asking Kiwis to remain in their homes, we understand that those over 70 will be some of the most effected by Covid-19.

The Meals for Seniors initiative allow those over the age of 70 to order one meal per week, per household. Domino’s is asking those who are eligible and want to order to call the dedicated ordering line 0800 292 000 and leave their name and phone number.

Gerard Hehir of Unite Union said Domino's and other takeaways must be told they need to close as they are not essential.

"Pizzas are clearly not essential for maintaining the wellbeing of people. Supermarkets are open and there are plenty of ready to eat options available (including fresh and frozen pizzas that just need to be heated).

"What they are proposing is socially irresponsible, a danger to workers and undermines the lockdown."