Domestic violence could cost NZ $80b over next ten years - new report

Domestic violence is estimated to be costing the country $7 billion a year, according to the Glenn Inquiry.

Domestic violence Source: Breakfast

The independent inquiry, which is tasked with investigating New Zealand's current child abuse and domestic violence situation, says the accumulated costs over the next 10 years could approach $80 billion.

The report says $377 million goes towards the annual health costs of treating victims, $840 million is spent on victim and survivor support, nearly $1 billion is lost in productivity such as wages and $600 million is what it costs the economy from benefit payments, ACC compensation and lost tax revenue.

The report also says the violence is nearly twice as costly per head of population here, as it is in Australia.

Despite apparent increases in government spending, the report says it appears most of the spending has been responding to symptoms.

The authors say more than a quarter of a million women between age 17 and 65 will have experienced family violence in the June 2014 year.