Dome Valley victim accused of giving more 'dramatic' evidence in court


The lawyer for one of the defendants in the Dome Valley trial, Nicola Jones, has attacked the veracity of the victim's evidence.

Five people face various charges over two alleged attacks on a teenage woman in Dome Valley.

Source: 1 NEWS

Defence lawyer Maria Pecotic says the victim's evidence in court "has become more dramatic" compared to statements given earlier to the police.

Ms Pecotic says the victim stated in court that she could remember some things 100 per cent and attributed the new features in her evidence to her her "starting to remember other things".

Ms Pecotic warned the jury against using the victim's evidence as the "default" version of events.

The court has heard the victim suffered serious head injuries after receiving multiple hammer blows to the head.

Ms Pecotic says her client has already pleaded guilty to a number of charges across two separate incidents including kidnapping, robbery and assault, but the remaining charges Jones denies.

Ms Pecotic says a text sent by Jones to the mother of the victim early last year threatening to kill the victim was purely an "off the cuff flippant comment".

Ms Pecotic says her client was simply venting and was "an emotional outpouring of a gutted person" who had just found out the victim had slept with her ex-boyfriend and believed the victim had spoken with CYF, resulting in Jones losing custody of her children.

The court has heard how 29-year-old Jones was a virtual 'sister' to the victim, having lived with the victim and her mother on and off from the age of 13.

Police say the 19-year-old victim was dumped in Dome Valley, north of Auckland, after being severely beaten


Earlier Julie-Anne Kincade, acting for Michelle Blom, says her client thought she was heading out for a "night on the town" and did not believe she was involved in a kidnapping.

Three women have already admitted kidnapping the 19-year-old victim from Karangahape Road.

Blom is alleged to have been in the car with those three other women when the victim was picked up and put in the car.

Ms Kincade says Blom thought the victim was there willingly and pointed to evidence from the victim which said she was not screaming or fighting back when she was put in the car.

Blom is also charged with assaulting the victim and later sexually violating her with a cricket wicket at her house in West Auckland.

Blom's lawyer says the jury cannot fully rely on the victim's testimony as there are understandable gaps and inconsistencies in her memory due to her head injuries.

Ms Kincade says Blom was not in the basement when these offences are alleged to have happened.

The Crown alleges Blom would later direct a friend to get rid of a cricket bat and a pair of scissors that were allegedly used on the victim.

Blom has not been implicated in any way to later incidents at Dome Valley when the victim was attacked with a hammer and dumped on the side of the road.

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