Dog protects injured owner for three nights following serious crash in Palmerston North

A woman remains in critical condition after spending three days in the elements with her loyal dog by her side following a serious crash near the Pahiatua track last week.

Police were called to attend the crash site on Sunday, after Kerry Jordan's black and white Irish wolfhound was heard barking near the scene. The crash had occurred June 13.

The woman, who smashed through a fence before plummeting nearly 100 metres down a steep bank, took shelter under a tree and was kept warm through the freezing nights by her dog.

She was taken to Palmerston North Hospital. 

Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter pilot Mike Garret recounted the rescue today to 1 NEWS. 

"When we saw a part of the fence was missing and there was a dog down there, it made the situation seem a bit out of the ordinary, which alerted everyone to the situation," he said. 

The rescue helicopter arrived on scene at about 12.30pm Sunday.

Police said they handed over the four-year-old pooch to a pound in in Tararua, where it will stay until a family member comes to collect the pet. 

Emergency services arrive at crash scene near the Pahiatua track Source: 1 NEWS