How does Lotto's $50 million must win draw actually work?

Many, many households around the country will have their fingers and toes crossed, because $50 million up for grabs in Saturday night's Lotto draw must be won.

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What happens if no one gets the six numbers and the Powerball? Source: Seven Sharp

The hardened players will be in, but so will a bunch of first-timers or amateur Lotto players, all hoping for their one chance to win big. 

Word has spread far and wide that it's a must-win draw, with rules set by Lotto and the Department of Internal Affairs mean the $50 million cap has been reached, so it's got to go.

With a Powerball ticket, hopeful Kiwis go in the draw for $50 million but to win they'll need all six numbers plus the Powerball.

If no one gets the six numbers and the Powerball it does not mean those who get all six numbers but no Powerball will be next in line.

Instead, those ticket holders will win or split their share of a million dollars as the $50 million winnings trickles down to second division winners. 

Those with five numbers plus the Powerball will win the big prize but if no one has that, those with four numbers plus the Powerball win and so on.