Doctors, pharmacies report high interest in medicinal cannabis from patients

GPs and pharmacies in New Zealand have reported an increase in the number of people interested in using medicinal cannabis.

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That’s according to Helius Therapeutics executive director Paul Manning , who spoke to TVNZ1’s Breakfast about the issue. Source: Breakfast

The drug could become legally available pending the result of a referendum on cannabis legalisation to be held in 2020 and there's now greater patient access to medicinal cannabis thanks to Medicinal Cannabis Amendment Act.

A recent survey has found the majority of doctors would prescribe medicinal cannabis providing they have sufficient information. Only a quarter of those surveyed thought they were well informed.

Speaking on TVNZ1's Breakfast today Helius Therapeutics Executive Director Paul Manning said: "There’s been a lot of media coverage around the changes in New Zealand in relation to medical cannabis access."

He continued: "We had the Cannabis Amendment Bill passed about four months ago now and the regulations are being developed by the Ministry of Health as we speak. I think the overall profile has contributed to that significantly.

He says doctors in New Zealand haven’t had much exposure to cannabinoid based medicines.

"They’re (doctors) certainly telling us and the survey underscored this that there is need for more education for doctors."