Doctors oppose Euthanasia Bill: 'We didn't train to end someone's life'

Doctors against the Euthanasia Bill have stepped up their campaign, taking out a full-page advert in today's Herald on Sunday with more than a thousand signatures in opposition.

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The move comes just days ahead of parliament’s second debate and vote on the End of Life Choice Bill. Source: 1 NEWS

The Bill allows doctors to assist terminally ill people who are likely to die within six months.

A letter of opposition was organised by Dr Sinead Donnelley as thoughts on assisted dying continues to divide the public, politicians and medical professionals.

"These doctors are saying we don't want to be involved … we didn't train to end someone's life, we trained to cure if we could and care always," Dr Sinead Donnelly told 1 NEWS.

The bill is driven by Act leader David Seymour, who says "some doctors are for, some are against, the ones who are against can conscientiously object, but they don’t have the right to deny the rest of us the choice."

A survey commissioned by NZ Doctor found 52 per cent of doctors are against it, while 37 per cent are in favour.

Medical professionals such as Retired GP Carol Shand says it is fundamental to give patients assistance to dying "when life is no longer tolerable".

The Bill has its second reading on Wednesday and David Seymour says he's quietly confident it'll get through to the next stage.