Doctor sees increasing cases of dermatitis in NZ as Kiwis' hands adjust to sanitiser overload

Hands getting dry after using hand sanitiser during the Covid-19 pandemic?

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With all the sanitising due to Covid-19 precautions, our hands are feeling it, with more cases of dermatitis, says dermatologist Louise Reiche. Source: Seven Sharp

It might be because hand sanitiser needs to contain at least 60 per cent alcohol to be an effective cleaner.

Dermatologist Dr Louise Reiche told TVNZ1’s Seven Sharp she’d seen an increase in cases of dermatitis, and that there’d been a lag in the cases.

She said the fragrance in hand sanitisers can trigger irritation.

"Fragrance would be your commonest cause of problems on the hands."

To combat it, Dr Reiche recommends moisturising.

“Waiting about half later and then putting a moisturising cream on your hands can help to compensate or undo some of that dryness.”

But what kind of hand sanitiser do Kiwis like best? Might it be the fragrant ones? Seven Sharp took to the streets to find out.

Find out which hand sanitiser people preferred in the video above.