DOC furious after trees cut at Marlborough campsite for better water view




Department of Conservation (DOC) rangers are upset that four trees have been cut down at a campsite in the Marlborough region - to improve views of the water.

Tree cut down at Marlborough campsite.

Tree cut down at Marlborough campsite.

Source: Department of Conservation.

On a regular maintenance visit this week rangers discovered at least four trees had been cut, including ngaio and pittosporums.

The trees had been cut in two camping spots and it appears the trees have been chopped by campers wanting to improve their views of the sea, says DOC community ranger Chris Wootton.

"The trees serve as a windbreak to shelter campers and have taken a long time to establish on this coastal site.

"We take great care of this campsite on behalf of the public and our rangers are upset that people have cut the trees seemingly for their own self-interest."

Mr Wootton says DOC would seek to prosecute those responsible and anyone else found intentionally damaging native vegetation on public conservation land.

DOC will also be increasing watch on the campsite.

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