What to do in a life or death situation? Many Kiwis confused about basic first aid


First aid trainers have found Kiwis are confused around a first aid basic and are sometimes being too cautious when it comes to moving patients in an emergency.

New Zealand's first aid guidelines have been refreshed this year.
Source: 1 NEWS

While the condition of a collapsed or injured person could be made worse by movement, experts say that concern shouldn't get in the way of treating an unresponsive patient.

Triple One Care Chief Executive André Slierendrecht gave 1 NEWS a scenario in which this indecision could cause a problem.

"An example could be, someone's sitting in a car in an accident and they're showing no signs of life, they're not breathing.

"Then you actually need to bring them out of the car to perform CPR," Mr Slierendrecht said.

The need to move unresponsive patients who might require CPR has also been reiterated in first aid guidelines refreshed this year.

St John and the Red Cross agree with the guidelines, although the Red Cross says it's still best to be cautious when moving a patient.

For more on best practice for first aid, visit New Zealand Resuscitation Council 

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