Dismembered puppy in Napier was most likely not killed by a person, SPCA says

The SPCA is investigating after a puppy was found dead with gruesome injuries in Napier - but say the injuries were likely caused by another dog.

A resident posted online in the Napier News group saying their neighbour, upon returning from a trip away, had found their puppy "fully decapitated".

"Its head was chopped off, its legs were chopped off and its body has been sliced open," the person said.

"The blood and **** has been purposely smudged on the walls.

"If you live around this area, keep an eye on your animals!"

A Napier police spokesperson confirmed the were called after receiving a report of a deceased dog about 10am, but referred the matter to the SPCA.

A spokesperson for the SPCA told 1 NEWS that inspectors are investigating, but that "early evidence suggests that the dog's injuries were not inflicted by a person, but are a result of an incident involving another dog".

No further details were available.

A police emblem on the sleeve of an officer.
A police emblem on the sleeve of an officer. Source: 1 NEWS