'Disgusting mess' left by roadside rubbish dumpers in Northland

Roadside rubbish dumping is a growing problem that wastes time and resources, says NZTA, as the agency picks up about 500 black bags a month dumped in areas of Northland. 

Jacqui Hori-Hoult of NZTA said the problem was increasing with littering and domestic and commercial rubbish being dumped on the roadside.

"Chasing rubbish dumpers is not our core business, but we have to clean up after them. That’s a waste of our time and resources. 

"We clear two dump sites and pick up an average 500 black bags of rubbish a month."

She said some people appeared to "load up their household waste, everything from broken furniture and bikes to bags of clothes and old food, and toss it at a rest stop or on the side of the road".

"They leave a disgusting mess and it’s not a great impression for our visitors."

Ms Hori-Hoult said it was a year round problem, but was worse in summer with rubbish left behind by holidaymakers. 

"If we find names and addresses in the rubbish we'll work with the councils to follow up. Better still, if people can send us vehicle registrations or photos of dumpers in action."

Rubbish dumped off SH 10 in Northland.
Rubbish dumped off SH 10 in Northland. Source: Supplied