'Disappointingly careless' - Buzzy Bee owners call out The Crown for moving iconic Kiwi moment to Australia

The copyright owners of the Buzzy Bee toy say they were "pretty disappointed" to see it incorrectly depicted in the latest season of The Crown.

The scene of Princess Diana, Prince Charles and baby Prince William in The Crown. Source: Supplied

The fourth season of the Netflix series is set to premiere later this week, featuring Princess Diana and her role in Britain's royal family.

Newly released images show a recreation of the now famous moment where Prince William played with a Buzzy Bee toy, while on a tour of New Zealand.

The photo opportunity took place in 1983, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited Government House in Auckland.

The scene was seen around the world, when the toddler seemed taken by the treasured toy.

However, Netflix has made some changes, with the scene now reportedly set on a New South Wales farm.

It's a tweak that hasn't gone down well with William McKegg, a director at Lion Rock, the group which owns the intellectual property for the pull-along toy.

Baby Prince William playing with the Buzzy Bee toy in 1983. Source: 1 NEWS

He told 1 NEWS that setting the scene in Australia is "disappointingly careless".

"It is pretty disappointing they've now placed us in Australia, It's one of our treasures and I doubt we'd do anything like that to one of their treasures.

"It just speaks of fast television, without really thinking through the history."

McKegg said that while producers had been given permission to use a Buzzy Bee mobile, they hadn't been told that they'd be recreating the famous scene.

"This is just such a misuse of our brand for a moment."

McKegg says while he can imagine why the decision to set the scene in Australia was made, he feels Netflix has trampled on an "iconic Kiwi moment".

He said Lion Rock has no plans to take legal action.

"That's a fight we don't want to get into."