Dirk the police dog's heart-warming recovery from spinal surgery that nearly left him paralysed

Hawke's Bay Police have released a heart-warming video that shows the recovery of one of their police dogs who had surgery to remove a cyst near his spinal cord.

The cyst became so bad that German Shepherd Dirk became paralysed in his rear legs.

Dirk's designated handler Senior Constable Mike Warren praised the "amazing staff" at the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital who were tasked with the police dog's recovery.

About 12 weeks ago Dirk showed signs of lameness after a night shift and shortly after had trouble walking at all.

"MRI scans then showed Dirk had a cyst near his spinal cord that needed immediate surgery," Constable Warren said.

Hydrotherapy treatment played a major part in Dirk's recovery, where he walked on a treadmill in a tank filled with water.

"The first three weeks post surgery were looking pretty grim for Dirk as he was totally paralysed in his back legs."

"However, over the last nine weeks he has made remarkable improvement," Constable Warren said.

Watch Dirk's amazing journey of recovery in the video at the top of the article.

A cyst near the German Shepherd’s spinal cord left him needing urgent surgery. Source: Eastern District Police

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