'When did you ever hear Buck Shelford say: 'Don't tackle me too hard, I'm a Maori' - Winston Peters says it's 'time to move on' from Maori seats




Winston Peters is calling on Kiwis to decide whether it is time to abolish Maori seats in parliament, by calling for a binding referendum if NZ First is elected into government.

"When did you ever hear Buck Shelford say 'don’t tackle me too hard, I'm a Maori,'" the NZ First leader said.
Source: Breakfast

ON TVNZ1's Breakfast today he referred to the seats as "tokenism", and used the playing style of former All Blacks captain Buck Shelford as to why Maori seats should be ditched.

"When did you ever hear Buck Shelford say, 'Don't tackle me too hard, I'm a Maori'?"

"I personally think that they've become tokenised, that there'd been a detour and a road block against the Maori concentration on achievement on housing, education, health and first-world wages," Mr Peters said. 

He said the increase in Maori MPs in government had been influenced by the MMP system, and it was now "time to move on".

Mr Peters said by the early 1980s, he was only one of four Maori politicians who were elected to be in a general seat.

"Now there's something of excess of 22, 23 per cent of parliament have some sort of background in Maori." 

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