How did voters react? Twitter reveals who got the most attention at last night's multi-party debate




David Seymour was the most mentioned candidate on Twitter after last night's multi-party debate. 

Mr Seymour wasn't taking it though, saying the debate needed a more serious discussion.
Source: 1 NEWS

The head of ACT Party had 47 per cent of all twitter mentions followed by James Shaw, leader of the Green Party with 37 per cent. 

Marama Fox from the Maori Party had 14 per cent and Damian Light from the United Future party had 2 per cent.

The Greens however, had the most party mentions after the heated debate, with 68 per cent of twitter users mentioning them, streets ahead of ACT and the Maori party who both got 14 per cent of the party mentions.

The biggest issue of the night for Twitter users was climate change and the peak moment with the most reactions came when Damian Light of United Future said "there was the Jacinda effect, maybe there will be the Damian Light effect".

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