'I did what needed to be done' – Dunedin man honoured with bravery award for confronting shooter


The neighbour who rushed into the Dunedin house where Edward Livingstone was on a shooting rampage says he'd rather be known as a professional truck driver than as a hero.

Chris Foot was awarded the New Zealand Bravery Decoration for putting his life at risk when he confronted his neighbour who killed himself and his children in Dunedin in 2014.
Source: 1 NEWS

Chris Foot has been honoured for putting his life at risk with the New Zealand Bravery Decoration in an investiture ceremony at Government House today.

A citation describing the events was read aloud, with Mr Foot telling 1 NEWS "it's fairly emotional, it sort of brings it back home again and re-living it you know the memories of what went on that night."

On January 15 2014, he and his wife were in bed when they hear a commotion in the house next door.

Mr Foot went out on to the balcony to find his neighbour Katharine Webb screaming for help, telling him her estranged husband had tried to shoot her and was in the house with her two children.

Mr Foot ran outside barefoot, knocked on the door and found Livingstone walking down the hall pointing a gun at him.

Attempts to reason with him failed, and Livingstone fired a shot at Mr Foot but missed, hitting the door instead.

Mr Foot went home to get some shoes thinking he'd have to kick the door down, when he heard another shot ring out.

He went back into the neighbour's house through a side door, and found Livingstone dead as well as his two children.

Today Mr Foot told 1 NEWS he's had a lot of time to reflect on what happened "a bit of soul searching and stuff like that, a pretty overwhelming time really."

"I just did what needed to be done, I just wanted to get the kids out of the house, just doing what I had to do. I just want to be known as a courteous, professional truck driver not a hero."

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