Diamante horse head cocaine smugglers found guilty of importing 35kg of drugs into country


A High Court jury has found the two men at the centre of New Zealand's biggest-ever cocaine bust guilty on all counts.

Investigators used every trick in the book to track those allegedly behind the $14m drug haul.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mexican Agustin Suarez-Juarez and American Ronald Cook were charged with possession for supply and attempting to supply.

The pair were arrested at Auckland Airport last year after authorities found 35 kilograms of cocaine inside a diamante encrusted horse head imported from Mexico.
Throughout the four-week trial the men argued they were unaware the horse head contained drugs.
They told the High Court at Auckland they thought it was concealing money and if anything they are guilty of money laundering.
It took the eleven person jury three days to reach their guilty verdicts.
The jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision on both counts for Cook. The judge accepting a 10-1 majority verdict.

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