Detective was under the impression police were 'doing more' to oppose bail for man who later killed Christie Marceau, inquest told


The officer, who arrested the man who went on to kill Christie Marceau, has told an inquest into her death he thought police were doing more to oppose bail.

Christie Marceau was stabbed to death in 2011 by Akshay Chand.
Source: 1 NEWS

Detective Aaron Iremonger is being cross-examined at the Auckland District Court today, on the third day of the inquest into the violent death of Christie in November 2011.

The 18-year-old was stabbed to death by Akshay Chand at her North Shore family home, at which time he was on bail for charges of kidnapping and threatening her with a knife just months earlier.

Detective Iremonger was the officer in charge of the case and yesterday afternoon began giving evidence at the inquest.

He said he had thought it "imperative" Chand was not granted bail.

"We, as police, did everything we could to oppose Chand's bail."

He highlighted he had particular concern about the distance of the victim's home to the bail address proposed for Akshay Chand.

"One kilometre away. It's ridiculous," he said today. 

Detective Iremonger was not present in court on October 5, 2011, when Chand was granted bail.

However he had worked on extra police documents opposing bail and shared his concerns with police prosecutor Sergeant Rhona Stace to present to the court.

When questioned if he was clear enough with Sergeant Stace about how strong police opposition to bail was, Detective Iremonger ensured he had no doubt.

Although, upon reading a transcript of the court proceedings for the first time today he said, "I was under the impression we were doing more, that there was more discussion in court".

"Going by this transcript, there was not a lot said [by police]," he said.

The inquest earlier heard the judge did not take the additional information offered.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Rhona Stace, will give evidence next.

The inquest is expected to last two weeks, examining all the information that contributed to Chand being granted bail in the North Shore District Court a month before he killed Christie.

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