Destiny Church's political party name, Coalition New Zealand, rejected by Electoral Commission

The political party started by Destiny Church leaders Hannah and Brian Tamaki, Coalition New Zealand, had its name rejected today by the Electoral Commission. 

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Mr Tamaki made the announcement with his wife Hannah in Auckland today. Source: 1 NEWS

When the party was launched in May, Mr Tamaki said he would be running it with Mrs Tamaki, who would be leading. 

Today, a spokesperson for the Electoral Commission told 1 NEWS it would not formally register Coalition New Zealand, as the name and logo could confuse or mislead voters.

Jevan Goulter, campaign manager for the soon-to-be renamed party, said he was not fazed by the decision.

"How exciting, how many parties get to launch twice?" he said.

The Tamakis are yet to settle on a new name or logo, as they were only made aware of the decision today.

Party officials released a statement saying they "always knew that this could be a possibility but the decision was made at the launch of the party to pursue the name as a preferred option". 

"For a number of weeks now we have been aware that we should our keep options open and are pleased to inform our membership that we had considered this as a possible outcome."

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Seven Sharp finds out what a gay man is doing helping the Destiny Church founders. Source: Seven Sharp

Shortly after the party was launched, the Electoral Commission asked about the use of "coalition" in the name. Commission officials told 1 NEWS party names were "not something we consider until an application is made to register a party".

"Party names are considered during the registration process for a political party, which includes a two-week period of public consultation."