Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki to launch political party tomorrow

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has announced he will be launching a new political party tomorrow.

Mr Tamaki has been hinting at a move back into politics in recent months and told TVNZ1's Q+A recently, "Well, you know what, if we don't get any action I think there needs to be some political teeth now."

In a statement today, Mr Tamaki invited media to the launch of his new political party tomorrow where he will outline its plans.

"This is not a decision which we have undertaken lightly," he said.

He says due to an "escalating tide of poor decision-making" and the "eroding of New Zealand values by politicians – we feel that we have had no choice but to stand up for the ever-growing silent majority of regular New Zealanders who are becoming more and more fed up and sick of the spin."

Mr Tamaki went on to say: "The fates of our children and our children's children are hugely important, and deserve all possible due consideration.

"It is a privilege and a responsibility to seek to represent the New Zealand People."

Recently, Mr Tamaki stirred up controversy over Destiny Church's Man Up programme which he was trying to get implemented in New Zealand prisons.

The announcement comes after rumours last week that senior National MP Alfred Ngaro has been considering starting his own Christian values based party.

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Destiny’s Brian Tamaki is taking on the Government over the controversial Man Up programme he wants in prisons. Source: Q+A

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