Dedicated runner's incredible turnaround after nearly coming last in Auckland Marathon

An accountant who was one of the last to finish the Auckland Marathon in 2013 will be lining up for the start along with thousands of others again later this month, now with 47 marathons under his belt.

Mike Stowers has run 42 kilometres 47 times, including 12 ironmans - which means running a marathon then biking 180km and swimming four km.

"Still a 16-hour specialist in the ironman, but I'm getting my money's worth," he told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

"I'm a diesel engine so I chug along."

His motto: "Finishing is winning."

He's also lost kilos, down from 128kgs.

For more of Mike's story of exhaustion, pain and dedication, watch the video above.

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Mike Stowers shares his story of exhaustion, pain, and dedication. Source: Seven Sharp

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