Decision on NZ's next government delayed further as NZ First board unable to meet before Saturday




The NZ First board who will decide which coalition partner the party chooses to govern with will most likely not meet before Saturday due to "logistical availability", says Winston Peters. 

Winston Peters said the possibility of Skype was discussed but decided against.
Source: 1 NEWS

The NZ First leader said he was confident talks with Labour and National will be completed by tonight, but he couldn't discuss the meeting with the board because "we're trying to find out whether or not they're available, all of them". 

The NZ First leader had only hours ago alluded to a deal being finalised by tomorrow night.

The NZ First board are set to determine whether they will form a coalition with National or Labour and the Greens.

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Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Peters said it did not look likely that the board would meet tomorrow, as "it depends upon the logistical availability of the board, which could be Saturday, Sunday or Monday".  

"It is a priority. People do have to come from all over the country," he said. 

Skype was discussed but decided against, said Mr Peters. 

We are getting closer and closer to an announcement on the next government. 1 NEWS Political Reporter Katie Bradford has the latest.
Source: 1 NEWS

When asked if the board's availability should have been organised before the election, Mr Peters said "that shows no grasp of what the election is about". 

"We waited until we knew what the circumstances were."

"If you're frustrated about that, I'm sorry."

Mr Peters, who has kept most policy details in the coalition talks under wraps, told reporters food costs were "a consideration" in the negotiations.  

The board of NZ First, which could help determine New Zealand's next government, has been revealed by Radio New Zealand.

The NZ First Board as of July 18, 2017 consists of:

Leader: Winston Peters
Deputy leader: Ron Mark
National officers:
President: Brent Catchpole
Vice president North Island: Julian Paul
Vice president South Island: John Thorn
Tresurer: Holly Hopkinson
Directors of the board:
Claire Ashley
Toa Greening
Robert Monds
Anne Marie Andrews
Kevin Gardener
Sue Sara

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