Decision made on alternative route to Manawatu Gorge - set to cost upwards of $500m

A decision has been made on the alternative route to the Manawatu Gorge. 

NZTA have decided to go with option three, across the Ruahine Ranges and ending in Woodville.

It will cost upwards of $500m. 

Construction will start in 2020 and is expected to take four years. 

State Highway 3 through the gorge has been closed since April after large slips came down. 

Option 3 background, South of Saddle Road - NZTA

This option would provide a new road corridor across the Ruahine Range south of Saddle Road.

  • Cost: $350m–$450m
  • Length: 12.4km
  • Time to complete: 5–6 years

The new road is being welcomed but it won't be completed for another six years. Source: 1 NEWS