Decision made on alternative route to Manawatu Gorge - set to cost upwards of $500m

A decision has been made on the alternative route to the Manawatu Gorge. 

The new road is being welcomed but it won't be completed for another six years. Source: 1 NEWS

NZTA have decided to go with option three, across the Ruahine Ranges and ending in Woodville.

It will cost upwards of $500m. 

Construction will start in 2020 and is expected to take four years. 

State Highway 3 through the gorge has been closed since April after large slips came down. 

Option 3 background, South of Saddle Road - NZTA

This option would provide a new road corridor across the Ruahine Range south of Saddle Road.

  • Cost: $350m–$450m
  • Length: 12.4km
  • Time to complete: 5–6 years