A decade ago Jacinda Ardern was ‘roundly booed’ speaking about climate change, now the science is widely accepted

The science behind climate change is now more widely accepted than it was a decade ago, according to Jacinda Ardern, who spoke about the issue at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland today.

The Prime Minister spoke alongside natural his broadcaster Sir David Attenborough on the Safeguarding Our Planet panel, chaired by former US Vice President Al Gore.

Ms Ardern has had an action packed day in Davos, Switzerland, attending meetings and on speaking on several panels, including one the Safeguarding Our Planet, chaired by former US Vice President Al Gore.

"Ten years ago when I first came into parliament I remember standing at a town hall meeting and speaking passionately about the issue of climate change and being roundly booed, including by, I think, members of my own family," Ms Ardern said.

"But even in that 10 year period, how dramatic that shift has been - no longer do you have the significant questioning of the science that we even had perhaps in that period of time."

Ms Ardern acknowledged fellow panelist Sir David Attenbourough for his work.

She called Sir David "a voice of authority, trust and respect" for world leaders. "It creates a space for us as politicians to do the right thing," she said.

Ms Arden will feature in Mr Attenborough's new Netflix series, called Our Planet.

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The Prime Minister made the comments on the Safeguarding Our Planet panel at the World Economic Forum. Source: 1 NEWS