Death of Hamilton mum in Bali leads to warnings to Kiwis over travel insurance

Kiwis planning overseas travel are being warned to take out travel insurance, read all the fine print, and to tell insurers everything about their medical history.

Kiwis planning overseas travel are being told to get insurance, and read all the fine print. Source: 1 NEWS

The warning comes in the wake of a Hamilton mum's death in Bali yesterday.

Abby Hartley, 41, fell critically ill last month, her insurer refusing to pay mounting hospital bills or to medevac her home.

New Zealand’s Air Ambulance Service says it's a reminder travellers need insurance and need to be upfront about their medical history.

"You have to tell them about pre-existing conditions because insurance companies won't cover you for any complications that arise unless they know about them.

"Even simple things like having your appendix or gallbladder out 20 years ago you need to declare to your insurance company," NZAAS Medical Director Dr Shay McGuiness says.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin says pre-existing conditions don't rule out getting travel insurance but can cost more.

"That might seem a bit much at the time but once you get away and something does happen you will be very happy and thank you paid extra and got the cover."