Deadly diseases in pets, including fish, linked to secondhand smoke

The SPCA is asking pet owners to think twice before smoking around their pets.

The SPCA is urging pet owners to get educated about the effects of their smoking on pet animals. Source: 1 NEWS

It has been proven that second-hand smoke increases health risks to pets and has been associated with cancers and respiratory infections, similar to the effect on humans.

"Think about a cat, what does it spend most of its time doing? Licking its fur,"Andrea Midgen from Auckland SPCA told ONE News.

"Meanwhile all those toxins are in its fur so then it's going into its body." 

Even household fish are not immune to second hand smoke. 

"Water soaks up all the pollutions out of the air, and the poor fish are swimming around in that," Ms Midgen said.

New research suggests cats in households with second hand smoke exposure are almost two and a half times more likely to develop malignant lymphoma as cats with no exposure.

The risk increases to 3.2 times more likely in cats exposed for five or more years.