Daycare teacher admits 'possibly' smacking hands, court hears

An Auckland daycare teacher accused of assaulting nine pre-schoolers in her care has admitted in court "possibly" smacking the hands of some children.

Lynn Abraham is on trial in the Auckland District Court, facing 11 charges. Source: 1 NEWS

Lynn Abraham is on trial in the Auckland District Court and faces 11 charges. Six charges relate to smacking and three to force-feeding children.

The Crown also says Abraham taped shut one child's mouth and put soap in another child's mouth at Bright Minds in St Johns.

Abraham gave evidence in her defence this afternoon.

She was asked about a boy with special needs, who the Crown says was smacked on his hand and bottom.

"I admit I would have smacked his hand in some circumstances," Abraham said.

"I don't know about smacking his bottom."

She also agreed she "smacked away" a three-year-old girl's hand but said she did so in self defence, and "possibly" smacked the hand of a three-year-old boy to stop him flicking his food around.

Abraham denied other smacking charges, saying she might have tapped children on their hands.

She said she had washed around a child's mouth with soap but had not washed the mouth out, as claimed by the Crown.

"I wiped his face and was talking to him about washing away the bad language."

She also denied putting sellotape over a four-year-old's mouth in 2012, saying she only heard about the allegation last year.

The trial continues.