David Clendon not planning return to Green Party list




Green MP David Clendon will not seek to return to the party list despite the resignation of co-leader Metiria Turei.

The Green Party MP doesn't believe he's thrown his party under the bus leading up to the election.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Clendon and colleague Kennedy Graham withdrew themselves on Monday night after revealing they could not back Ms Turei in a leadership position after she admitted committing benefit fraud in the 1990s and her public support of others committing benefit fraud now.

The pair also withdrew from caucus under the threat of suspension and expulsion from the party.

Metiria Turei resigned yesterday shortly before a Newshub-Reid Research poll showed a collapse in Greens support.
Source: Breakfast

After Ms Turei's resignation as co-leader last night, and decision to herself withdraw from the list in next month's election, Mr Shaw left the door open for Mr Clendon and Dr Graham to return to caucus.

But Mr Clendon told NZ Newswire has no plans to do so.

"Short answer is no I will not seek a return," he said.

1 NEWS' Political Editor says Metiria Turei's made the "right decision" in standing down.
Source: Breakfast

Mr Graham has been contacted but is understood to be speaking to the party executive about a possible return.

While he left the door open, Mr Shaw indicated it might not be a smooth return.

"It's a matter for the party executive [but] I think it would be very tough for either Dave or Kennedy to come back into caucus at the moment. There's a lot of raw feelings about the events of Monday," he told RNZ.

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