David Carter 'is not a sexist person at all' - PM

Prime Minister John Key says the Speaker of the House isn't sexist despite claims by women MPs he only listens to men in Parliament.

The Speaker of the House, David Carter, has been accused of being sexist in Parliament. Source: Breakfast

A panel of women MPs joined the Q+A programme yesterday to discuss alleged sexism during Question Time in Parliament.

The panel made up of Judith Collins, Annette King and Julie Anne Genter claimed they were heard less by the Speaker of the House, David Carter, than their male counterparts.

Ms Collins said she believed Mr Carter only responded to men's voices because that's all he could hear.

Speaking on TVNZ's Breakfast this morning, Mr Key disagreed with the panel saying he has known Mr Carter for a long time and he doesn't consider him to be sexist.

"David is not a sexist person at all in my view," he says.

"It's a really noisy environment there [Parliament]...often he doesn't hear or see me."

Mr Key says being heard by the Speaker is all about proximity to him or her not gender. 

Mr Carter has yet to respond to the allegations.